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Entry #1

The sytem I tried to protect has failed me.

2009-04-23 13:15:24 by SelfProclaimedGod

They leave me no choice but to become what I have tried to stop. They have brought back the anger and the hatred that flows like a thousand fiery suns. I want to watch it all burn!!


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2009-04-23 13:36:54

wtf are you talking about?

SelfProclaimedGod responds:

I tried to fight the spammers. But newgrounds and their all mighty mods banned me from reviewing and deleted all my reviews. So i say fuck them, if they don't want my help, then fine. I'll go back to being a ruthless reviewer who tells it like it is.


2009-04-23 16:15:54

Same issue here. I even argued with one of the mods regarding my banning... Didn't really work. It seems that they have a zero-tolerance policy on that stuff. Although, their "banning" isn't as permanent as many other sites. I'll just go back to blamming their shit and laughing as it gets deleted.

Save your reviews for the real artists. Don't even waste your time with the spammers.


2009-04-27 02:52:00

It's ok's ok.


2009-04-27 03:09:14

I hate pseudo-intellectuals.

SelfProclaimedGod responds:

yep, you're cool.